Neat Sweep

Neat Sweep is located at 5513 Hull Street Rd. Richmond, Va. 23224  Call 804-232-2100 0r 800-SWEEP-25 
Neat Sweep was started in 1978 and is localy owned by the Kaestner Family and has been for the last 33 years.

Words from the Owner of Neat Sweep



I am Frank Kaestner from Mechanicsville, I have a tremendous responsibility when I am in your home, and I must be good at it because you have asked me back for 30 years.  Neat Sweep is a family business. We are lucky enough to work at something we love.  My secretary has been with me 27 years.  When she came to work, on the first day she had a baby in her arms.  Today that baby manages our telecommunication center while attending collage.   One third of our employees have been with us for over 20 years.  My staff has lectured and trained all over the world.  In fact I was sweeping in Ireland recently.  All this helps us make your house the safest it can be.


  We have all gotten a little spoiled and a bit lazier but now that times are economically slower we are going to have to heat are homes with wood again and that means the maintenance on the fireplace and the heating system can’t be put off another season.  Inspecting a chimney is tricky.  It’s like telling the difference between real money and counterfeit.  It takes years to learn how to look up a chimney and spot the difference between a surface crack and one that is a real problem.  Do you really want to trust this to a guy with a shop vac who wasn’t around yesterday and won’t be around after Christmas?  This is about the picture of your children that the insurance company is going to give you nine cents for do you really want to save $20 that much. We at Neat Sweep have always accepted the responsibility of keeping your family safe. And we have done it for three generations of customers.


       Thirty five years ago we were very fortunate in starting Neat Sweep Container. This is a one of a kind construction debrie container company. By delivering our containers with a crane we can get our containers closer then anyone elses ever thought of. These Containers are perfect for remodeling, spring  cleaning, or just plain moving.  If we at Neat Sweep can be of any service in either division please don’t hesitate to call us at 804-232-3000 or 800 SWEEP-25.

Frank (In Gray) and Larry Ferris the head of the Irish sweeps at the Sweeps festival in Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy. During the reign of Louie the IV a chimney sweep was sweeping the Kings chimney when he overheard the Duke say he was going to have the King killed. The king brought him back to his home town and said, "For this sweeps kindness you people will never pay taxes again". This is larry and I at a festival event. The bottom left is the statue to the sweep and the right is a picture of some German sweeps.
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