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Relines/ Masonry Repairs

What is Tuckpointing and why is it necessary? 
Tuckpointing is the repair of the mortar joints in between the brick. It is necessary to repair the joints to keep the bricks from collapsing. If the structure it too deteriorated you will need to rebuild the chimney. Also, to help protect the outer part of your chimney have it water sealed. Most water seal products have a 5 year warranty on them. 

What does relining your chimney mean and why should you have it done?
There are a few reasons you would need to reline your chimney. First reason you have a chimney fire and it cracked your flue tiles. If they tiles are cracked they could collapse into the chimney and block it. Second reason is for missing mortar joints in between the tiles. You would want to reline the chimney with missing mortar so the creosote doesn't build up and create a fire hazard. Third reason would be if there are no flue tiles at all and there is nothing protecting the bricks of the chimney. 
We use stainless steel liner system for relining your chimney. Upon request we do pull a building permits also(additional charge). 

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